When you maintain a website, it is important to know what your prospective clients and the audience is searching for. Searching for what your clients look for is called keyword research – a form of science we have mastered over the past years. For a better keyword optimization service, it is important to deduce the relevant phrases and maximize the potential of your site.


Are you looking for expert advice to boost your SEO campaign? Do you find it difficult to get the right assistance in your area? Do you prefer a SEO consultation service over the phone, Skype or email? What if you can get expert SEO advice for FREE? Yes, this is overwhelming, yet true news for those who want to get SEO consultation TOTALLY FREE, no matter where they are.

Local SEO

Are you an enthusiastic entrepreneur with the expectation of popularising your website within the local crowd with the highest potential? To make your expectation a reality, you must consider the services of a local SEO expert. As a proficient SEO service provider with many years of industry experience, we perfectly understand the most effective approaches related to local SEO.


You have probably designed or created your own personal blog or website without even realizing who you are or what your site is all about; I would be ready to bet that you have spent endless thoughts and puzzled over how to get more traffic for your website. Bringing traffic to new sites is considered to be the most challenging part of becoming a lucrative internet entrepreneur.


My wife and I run a small home based business out of our condo in Jacksonville, FL. Im a design guy and she takes care of the financial part of it all. Neither one of us are experts on SEO and that was the missing link to our team. We hired Mike to do it for us and he is very good at his job. Hes efficient, reliable, and produced amazing results.

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A few reasons why hiring an SEO freelancer is better than hiring an SEO agency

Let’s be clear – it’s almost impossible for your website to appear high in the search engine results without using some SEO techniques. If you are interested in using professional SEO services, then you should know that there are two options – SEO freelancers and SEO agencies. Now let’s see what makes SEO freelancers a better option.

Benefits of hiring an SEO freelancer.You will save money

First and foremost, you will save money. Almost every freelancer will provide a better price compared to an SEO agency because they have fewer expenses – no large staff, no office space etc.

They are available almost all the time.

When you hire an SEO agency you can expect to get services only during working hours. SEO freelancers, on the other hand, are focused on finishing their projects, not on the hours involved in the process. In other words, you can expect to complete your SEO project faster. On top of that, you will get a chance for direct communication. 



What does SEO stand for

What does SEO stand for

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Local SEO Services

Factors to Consider When Hiring Local SEO Services

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keyword research

An Introduction to Keyword Research for SEO purposes

Keywords are the basis of every search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. This is the reason why keyword research is very important. Of course, the way this research is conducted is changing just like SEO in general. Yet, there are some basic things that everyone has to take into account when conducting keyword research for SEO […]