20 common mistakes that make your website unfriendly

20 common mistakes that make your website unfriendly

Although there are plenty of tools to develop websites today, a surprising number of websites practically fail to offer a friendly user experience to the visitors. No matter if you already maintain a website or plan to build a website for your business or organization, you should be smart enough to avoid these common mistakes.

  1. No responsiveness

Your website MUST complement all the screen sizes including smartphones, tabs, notebooks, and laptops.

  1. Annoying popup ads

If it is an annoying popup ad what your visitors see immediately after reaching your website, your website is a fail!

  1. Sound effects

People are no longer impressed with creepy sound effects (auto-sounds) when loading a website.

  1. Taking too long to load

If your website takes about 10-15 seconds, your website is a total failure. Remember, your visitors may have a plethora of other options to consider.

  1. Over-emphasized ads

Don’t ever emphasize the ads over contents. People visit your website seeking contents, not ads.

  1. Poor navigation experience

If your website doesn’t have a good navigation experience, your visitors will look for a better alternative. So, don’t test their patience with an annoying and challenging user navigation.

  1. Hard-to-find information

You should offer straightforward information to your visitors instead of keeping making them tired searching. If they have to take the long route to get what they need, they will run away!

  1. Missing key information

Depending on what you try to sell, you should provide key information with less complexity. For instance, if you sell a product on the website and it doesn’t have a price tag, it is an utter fail!

  1. Too fancy, flashing contents

You should never have flashing fancy contents on the website. Make it a decent, professional and simple design that suit all the visitors

  1. Poor Spellings and grammar

If your visitors notify poor spelling and grammar in the contents, they start to doubt your professionalism and reliability.

  1. Bad font selection

Never do the mistake of selecting too fancy, crooked and weird fonts that are hard to read. Your visitors prefer the clarity over fanciness.

  1. Poor alignment of the content

If the contents are aligned to a disturbing formation, your visitors will run away from your website.

  1. Replicated design

If your website is a replica and has no uniqueness, users may doubt your business’s reputation and professionalism.

  1. Outdated contents

No visitor will rely on your service or product if the contents are outdated. So, make your website updated with fresh and unique content regularly (it is good for SEO too)

  1. Complexity

You should be smart enough to explain the nature of the business to the visitor within seconds. Complicated information is an annoyance!

  1. Incompatibility with the browsers

Make sure you test your website with all the browsers before launching it. If not, those who use incompatible browsers might refuse to use your website.

  1. Flash contents

Avoid flash contents. They are subjected to crash apart from the general annoyance they cause. Flash effects are an old, outdated strategy.

  1. Video Intro

Don’t force your visitors to watch an unwanted video content as soon as visiting the website.

  1. No contact information

In the absence of contact information, visitors will doubt your existence.

  1. Overall unprofessionalism

Careless design, fancy images, bad navigation experience, wrong font selection and too complex design might create an impression of unprofessionalism.

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