An Introduction to Keyword Research for SEO purposes

An Introduction to Keyword Research for SEO purposes

Keywords are the basis of every search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. This is the reason why keyword research is very important. Of course, the way this research is conducted is changing just like SEO in general. Yet, there are some basic things that everyone has to take into account when conducting keyword research for SEO purposes.

Using money phrases

In case you are running an eCommerce website or any kind of website where you are trying to sell something, be it a product or a service, you must pay attention to so-called money phrases. They are linked to high level of sales and you obviously want to use them. For instance, affordable gadgets and where to purchase gadgets are two money phrases. These phrases are important, but not crucial for Google to rank your website higher in the search engine results.

Using other types of keyword phrases

The aforementioned money phrases are ideal for triggering fast sales, but there are some other types of phrases that you should use to improve your site’s overall ranking. These keyword phrases are here to help you establish your website as an authority website, an expert and reputable platform where visitors can find what they are looking for. The keyword phrases that you want to use depend on the industry, but generally speaking using words like an expert, authority, reliable, reputable and similar words in a combination with the basic keywords should help you.

Using keyword synonyms

There are many website owners who are trying to use keyword synonyms in order to boost their ranking. But, the truth is that Google has an algorithm that is quite sophisticated and they are able to tell when some website is trying to play them. There is no need to focus on keyword synonyms because they are not very effective and won’t affect your website’s position.

Using Google Trends Tool

Not all keywords are equally attractive and important. But, how does one determine the popularity of keywords? The simple answer is – with the help of a good keyword tool. Google Trends Tool is a good example of a tool like this. With its help, users can easily check the phrases and keywords that are trending at the moment and the once that are losing their popularity. In addition, you can check the cycles of popularity which is very important especially if you are involved in a seasonal business. Remember to use the regional setting if you are focused on local SEO,


As you can see, there are a few things that you should remember about keyword research. First of all, using keyword synonyms is not an effective technique. Focus on relevant keywords that can help you establish your site as an authority site over time. Next, you must figure out what the user intent is. Create content that addresses their questions, problems, and dilemmas in the most suitable way. Finally, don’t forget to add hyperlinks to your internal pages if the page uses a keyword that is relevant to the specific internal page. This internal link building is excellent for SEO.


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