How to determine if a SEO freelancer can actually deliver

How to determine if a SEO freelancer can actually deliver

One of the most effectual and trendy ways to optimize your website’s SERP ranking is hiring a SEO freelancer. Nevertheless, hiring a SEO freelancer from the plethora of service providers can be a daunting task for many website owners. There are some random freelancers who spoil the industry by failing to deliver what they promise. This is why, as a website owner, you should know how to determine if the potential SEO freelancer can deliver what you expect.

  1. Your SEO freelancer promises only what is practically achievable

There are some freelancers who give you false promises just because they want to get the business. If a particular SEO freelancer promises you to make your website the first of SERP within a week (or so), it is better to stay away from them. A well seasoned, knowledgeable freelancer always works on practically doable targets; they will explain you the realistic situation of the process and set achievable deadlines.

  1. They don’t rely on short term SEO techniques

Don’t expect SEO strategies to deliver the results overnight. It will take a lot of effort and time for a SEO freelancer to drive organic, steady traffic towards a particular website.

  1. They solely believe in organic traffic only

Always remember that what you need is ‘visits’ from potential customers but not just a massive number of ‘clicks’ from unreliable sources. The key to success of your business is the visits of highly potential customers that will easily convert into sales. If your SEO freelancer is a results-oriented professional, he will drive organic traffic towards your website by creating an actual interest on the clients utilizing ethical SEO strategies.

  1. They always build quality links

As of today, any random person can get large number of links thanks to the plethora of blogs and spam websites exists. However, a good SEO freelancer is only interested in quality links from prospective websites which are relevant to the niche if the website they intend to promote. Via these quality backlinks, these freelancers can drive solid and organic traffic towards to the target website.

  1. Your freelancer is based in UK itself

If your company is based in the UK, it is always better to hire a SEO freelancer who is based in UK itself. Such freelancer will always ensure good quality contents, reliable assistance, genuine backlinks and many other services. Although it is not mandatory, some freelancers opt to meet their customers in person and provide exactly what they need.

  1. They have fully functioning, well-ranked websites

One of the most obvious aspects you should check before hiring a SEO freelancer is their website. It is common sense; if he cannot maintain and rank an own website properly, how can he make your website prominent? So, be sure to have a good look at the freelancer’s website and get an idea about the standard about his services. It also allows you to read the testimonials of the previous customers of the respective vendor.


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