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Are you looking for expert advice to boost your SEO campaign? Do you find it difficult to get the right assistance in your area? Do you prefer a SEO consultation service over the phone, Skype or email?
What if you can get expert SEO advice for FREE?
Yes, this is overwhelming, yet true news for those who want to get SEO consultation TOTALLY FREE, no matter where they are.

For us, it’s all a matter of sharing our SEO expertise with those who are in need of serious counselling and want to boost their business.

What I offer
Everything about SEO. I am ready to offer my master experience and knowledge in all aspects of modern SEO for the benefit of website owners, SEO companies or any other individual. No matter where you are, or who you are; my free consultation service is available for you.
You may seek our total free consulting service if you come across one or more issues.

  1. Modifying an existing website
    When you need to modify a website to be compatible with search engine algorithms, you can get our expertise consultation and hence succeed. Our experts will give you instructions how to improve content, the keywords and the design of the website, thus enabling you to reach your expectations.
  2. Keyword research
    We will guide you by showing the most appropriate ways to get the most appealing list of keywords for your SEO campaign. There are several methods we have mastered and we are willing to share them with anyone who is enthusiastic.
  3. META, Title and ALT tags
    Sometimes, your website may lack performance because of the insignificant usage of META tags, alt tags and title tags. Via our free consulting service, we can show you the way to overcome such matters and get the functionality back in your website and make the best use of it.
  4. To alleviate site structure
    Although “Content is King”, a good prominence should be given to the overall structure of your website. By analysing your site, our experts can guide you on the elements that need correction. Remember, if you expect better SERP rankings, your website’s functionality and the usability should be optimum.
  5. PPC Campaigns
    In terms of SEO, we are capable of providing you with guidance on carrying out PPC campaigns too. There are several steps to be taken, to form and manage a PPC campaign that delvers results; we have many years of experience in this field, so we can drive you towards the correct direction and ensure your success.

Apart from all these aspects, I open to offer you my professional guidance in the form of consultation related to all SEO matters.

Who are eligible for my service?

Basically ANYBODY! We have established our free consultancy service to be available for anybody in the world, no matter from which country or region you come from. As long as you can reach us, we are at your service.

How can you reach us?
We are available to provide our TOTAL FREE SEO CONSULTANCY services via several mediums. Depending on your convenient, you can reach us;
§ Via Skype
§ Over the phone
§ Or by email

What about payment?
As you read correctly so far, it is a TOTAL FREE service. You don’t have to pay anything to obtain this free consultation service. For the record, there are no hidden fees associated with our service!

Who I am
I am a well established SEO freelancer that has served hundreds of clients across the globe. We do have the strength of professional SEO experts with years of experience in this industry. During our existence, we have noticed that many individuals and firms find it difficult to obtain proper SEO advice. Although there are firms that offer SEO consultation, they charge considerable amounts of money. Understanding that demand exists for a free SEO consultation service, we have put out efforts together to assist your needs.

This is your opportunity to make the best use of this wonderful possibility and maximize the productivity of your SEO campaign. Contact us today and reserve your free consultation.


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