How to get top on Google search and promote website – This is the most regular question asked in all search engine optimization forums and conversation boards. The normal answer is ” Fix This” and ” Fix That.” But how do we achieve this goal?
Here’s a list of certain easy tips that are part of SEO (Search Engine Optimization):

Directory Submission:
Submit the URL of the website to directories. There are lots of free directories that accept your website. The most common directory is DMOZ. The time taken for DMOZ to approve the website is very long. So submit the URL of the website and forget it. Locate the niche directories then submit your website in it.

Article Writing:
Always make sure to write exceptional articles and submit those artices to the licensed article directories e.g EzineArticles. This will help boost your search engine result page (SERP)

The use of keywords all through your website is conceivably one of the most significant SEO tactics. It is very important to take into cognizance how an individual would search for info on a particular service or product you offer on your website, as the keywords the individual use are likely to be the same keywords you used all through the site. Be cautious not to add unreasonable number of keywords, particularly if they are not related as this can cause your site being identified as spam. Search engine spiders are encoded to disregard ‘keyword stuffing’.
Update website Content frequently
If you really want your site to rank High in google, then try as much as possible to keep your site regularly updated with new and fresh contents as this will help you rank high on google search.

Press Releases:
You can promote your website via Press Releases. Press release assist you to index your website at a quicker rate.
Whatsoever may be the approach for Search Engine Optimization, just recall that you should boost the site for “moderately competing keyword” and put it in anchor text. Generate inbound links with the keyword in it.

A sitemap is a page on the site precisely listing and creating links to all the other pages on your site. It allows for search spiders to find pages on the site quickly, and with more importance to the search. For this reason, every page is simpler to find for both the users and spiders alike, and these pages can be accessed with considerably less clicks.

I hope that the steps mentioned above if properly followed will let you get top on google and will help promote your website.

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