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You have probably designed or created your own personal blog or website without even realizing who you are or what your site is all about; I would be ready to bet that you have spent endless thoughts and puzzled over how to get more traffic for your website. Bringing traffic to new sites is considered to be the most challenging part of becoming a lucrative internet entrepreneur. There are millions of websites for individuals to choose from in virtually every different topic you could potentially conceive – the struggle is stiff when it comes to magnetize traffic towards your website, as opposed to any other one. If you are willing to succeed on the internet, it is best to learn how to increase the search engine ranking of your site.

To understand how to improve search engine ranking and increase website traffic, you must learn the principles that control the way search engines work. Without knowledge of these principles and a system to merge them into whatever you do on the internet, you will never get the success you are hoping for. Understanding how to make effective use of search engines is the very starting point of dominating niches all over the web and attract thousands of traffic to your website each and every day.

So what exactly are the principles that govern search engine rankings and how do I increase mine? They are:

  • Relevance
  • Recognition
  • Ingenuity


Relevance is an aspect thought as having a relationship to. For instance, if you have a football site, any related content would include information specific to soccer clubs, football courses, and football lessons. Information about anything other than the main topic of the website or any targeted topics would likely not rate for relevance, and have no potential for ranking in search engines. Search engines look at your site for relevance.

You must be right on topic for the service you are aiming to offer, with the content you create. A concluding word of discretion about relevance: Relevance alone will never get your website ranked high. You might have the most extremely relevant, high-quality content ever written on your site, but if there are no websites pointing to it, it will never rank in search engines. Relevance absolutely does not work without recognition and original content.

How to Improve Search Engine Ranking with Relevant Content

The starting point is to choose the keyword you want your content aim at. Let’s assume you are seeking to get higher ranking for a keyword, the topic I am presently writing about (Increase Search Engine Ranking). To begin with, you would probably prefer to find what other people are trying to look for and particularly target that keyword, if you want your content to rank high for that keyword. You should definitely include the keyword in the title of the article. Something adequate in the above example would be “Strategy To Increase Search Engine Ranking”. You should perpetually make sure to put the keyword as the first words of the article title. Always keep in mind to use the keyword recurrently throughout the article. Conclusively, take time and make sure your content continues to be 100% relevant to the main keyword.


Recognition coupled with relevance to boost search engine rankings. Recognition centres around two key measures:

  • How many websites link back to your website?

Website recognition is initially determined by the number of websites that directly link back to your website. To clarify recognition, let’s take a good look at YouTube. YouTube is amongst the most popular internet sites. Why? All embed codes and links are taken from YouTube and embossed on another website, be it a website, MySpace, Blog, Facebook, a sales page and generates a link automatically back to YouTube, where the video initially originated. Whenever someone shares a YouTube video, a link is created. With the numerous videos shared, YouTube gets thousands of new incoming links daily. This is definitely one good reason why YouTube videos rank very incredibly high on search engines. Their website is re-known around the whole world.

  • The Recognition of Websites Linking back To You

The more popular the site linking back to you is, the more advantageous the rating given by search engines.

How To Create Link Recognition To Increase Search Engine Ranking and Drive Website Traffic

The more links to your website, your website rating shoots higher. It is therefore often essential to syndicate the content of your site to as many websites as possible. The internet provides a host of websites where it is possible to post your content without charge, to improve your search engine rankings. This includes re-known high ranking websites like social bookmarking, article directories, social network pages, blogs sites, and press release and video sites.


Ingenuity mainly refers to unique content. In plain terms, the search engines ask the question, “is this same piece of content all round the web”? For example, if I started to take an extremely relevant and prevalent article from my site and show it to hundreds of websites, it would not rank high in search engines and it would no longer be considered unique.

How To Maintain Unique Content and Share It to Increase Search Engine Rankings and Drive Website Traffic

It is evident that distributing your unique content across the internet is very important for getting visitors or traffic to your website. The secret is to make many unique versions of  similar information, all with a back link to your unique article posted on your website. Revolving is a very common term used to express the process of modifying the titles and keywords throughout your post, to make many unique versions. Posting these everywhere on the internet with a back link to your website will increase rankings. Follow the above steps and I assure you, you will see an improvement in the number of visitors to your website.


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