Running a successful website today is almost impossible without search engine optimization. SEO can bring many benefits to website owners – from enhanced brand credibility and better ranking to a more effective marketing strategy. That’s why many people are looking for SEO agency London solutions. There is no doubt that these agencies can be useful, but the question is – is there a better solution?

The answer to this question is affirmative. It turns out that there are a few areas where SEO freelance London are much better than SEO agency London solutions. If you want to find more about these differences keep reading this article because we will highlight a few of them.

SEO freelancers can specialize in specific areas

There are many SEO freelance options that have a wide range of skill-sets that can help businesses realize their SEO strategy. For instance, there are SEO freelancers who are strictly focused on link building or keyword research. So, in case your company already has an SEO writer, you can use the SEO freelancer with specific knowledge to complement their work. Let’s not forget that SEO is changing all the time and it’s obviously becoming more complex. This means that you can’t find a person that knows everything about SEO today.

They are providing cheaper services

When we compare an SEO agency to an SEO freelancer in London, we will notice that SEO freelancers charge less than agencies. This is not a surprise because these individuals have fewer expenses. Most of them are working from the comfort of their home and they are paying only for the SEO tools they are using, electricity and the Internet. They don’t need offices or other things needed by agencies.

They are more flexible

As we all know, having an in-house staff for search engine optimization is the least flexible option you have. But, even SEO agencies are not as flexible as SEO freelancers. Although they are hired for projects, canceling a contract is not that easy and most of them are accepting clients that are ready to work for months with them. On the other hand, SEO freelance London options are usually more flexible. You can hire them for a project that lasts less than a month. It all depends on your business needs and requirements.

They are more innovative

Those working for SEO agencies usually tend to upgrade their knowledge only when they are asked to do something like this. Freelance SEO experts are more innovative and willing to try new technologies and approaches. Due to the nature of their job, they have to follow all the news and trends in this sector. They use their free time to experiment with new SEO tactics and activities. In other words, if you choose them, you can rest assured that you will get the best SEO services.

Using an SEO agency London option is not a bad idea, but using an SEO freelance London option has proven to be a better solution for more than one reason.



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