I am a freelance SEO professional. I earned my first degree at the Moscow State University, majoring in IT, which is considered the premier program at college. After that, I went on to earn my second degree at a college in the United States, majoring in Marketing. My first big break came soon after, as I was recruited by one of the largest marketing companies in the world. I learned a lot there, collaborating with well-established and highly-regarded experts and in time became a recognized expert myself. It was an invaluable experience for me, and I held my position for more than fifteen years, eventually becoming the head of the SEO department.

SEO is a field that is always changing: what is considered as standard today, could be outdated and outmoded in just a single year. In order to remain competitive, the SEO professional needs to learn constantly. It is for this reason that SEO is such a great fit for me: I love to learn. I never get tired of studying, of picking up new skills, of piecing together new puzzles. Whenever I am not busy with a client’s project, I am updating, upgrading, and adding to my base of knowledge. Working with friends and colleagues in countries from all around the world, there is never a SEO trend that catches me off guard. New, old, fake, real: I am on top of things, to your benefit and my own. It is not unusual for me to work eighteen hours in a day; I tend to work sixteen hours on a normal day. It never seems too much to me, because I enjoy what I do. I stay positive by living a positive life.

A family man at heart, I have two children. I am something of a hopeless romantic, and there is nothing that will get to me more excited than a sunrise over the ocean. My hobbies are travelling and healthy living.

Web Audit 70%
Web Consulting 60%
Keywords Research 50%
Link Building 60%
Internet Marketing Strategy 70%
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Cups of Coffee
I am most grateful for the willingness to help and successfully tutor me in the world of the internet.
Nick Simpson
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James Rees
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Linda Morrison
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Hans Kruger
Business Consultant
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